Several of brilliant ways to store things in the house

  1. The stretched on the frame allow the fishing line to hang beautiful jewelry and decorate the interior,
  2. Belts can be stored on the holders for paper towels,
  3. Behind the mirror, you can store decorations,
  4. Drawers with sliding brackets for baskets
  5. lounger for your pet in a drawer bed,
  6. A magnetic tape scissors, tweezers, and other things,
  7. Drawer for different devices,
  8. A small cabinet with drawers for spices,
  9. On the inside of the cabinet door can be mounted on hooks and hang the spoons,
  10. Install additional shelves,
  11. In the drawers easy to store bread and vegetables,
  12. Covers of pots will not take up much space, if gently place them on the cabinet door,
  13. Additional lockers front of the sink,
  14. Built-in pull-out section for storing pots, pans and lids,
  15. Such a pull-out shelf will create additional work space in the kitchen,
  16. The folding ironing board in the closet,
  17. Storage of tools on the perforated plates,
  18. Keep the bike horizontal ceiling,
  19. Instead of the traditional butylochnitsy make a sliding closet for kitchen utensils,
  20. Store the tape in a makeshift shelf,
  21. The printer can be stored in the closet,
  22. Cabinet for toys,
  23. Make the door shelves for books,
  24. Such storage of shoes on the shelves even decorate the interior