Our experts will help you determine with the appearance of furniture, and with the choice of materials and accessories.

Preliminary design and cost estimate

The company's consultants will acquaint you with the nuances of design, will make a preliminary draft and assess the cost of furniture.


 If you want to order furniture, our free services (preliminary measurement and three-dimensional design) will be a pleasant surprise for you.

3D modeling of furniture

In order to perfectly adapt the furniture according to your interior in color and style,  as well as satisfy all your wishes, in an early stage of furniture simulation we are modeling as the furniture, so-and 3D-model of the room, where it should be. Thus, to achieve better results, you can change the items of furniture, color, texture, etc ..

Signing a contract

Dear customers after approving the design and signing the contract you'll have final three-dimensional design project of your furniture with its features, which can not be changed. After signing the contract, the transfer to the bank account should be done in the amount of 70% of the agreed-upon amount.

Furniture manufacturing, transportation and installation

The furniture is completely made of environmentally friendly, high-quality materials, the variety of which will satisfy any, even the most demanding customer.

Warranty service

We are responsible for the quality of our furniture products, and provide warranty service for the furniture till its  5 years.