10interesting ideas to have the kitchen of your dreams.

The kitchen is the centre of every house. Every haousewife needs to see her kitchen refined, comfortable and functional.

Open shelves of the kitchen interior, wich are the best already for many years.

It is an efficient wat to visually unload the space, to have your favorite dishes in front of you and get rid of the pressure of massive cabinets.

Furnish your kitchen in bright colors.

The kitchen will look visually bigger and brighter.

Make it brighter.

Make the kitchen as bright as possible. But if there are not enough windows, you can provide additional ilghtening in the workplace.

Cange the space visually.

Vertical and horisonal lines will change the view of the area. For example, vertical lines visually extend the kitchen, horizonal ones - add depth broaden the space.

Use each part of the room efficiently.

There is no need to let empty spaces in the room. Fill them with more shelves instead.

Decorate the kitchen with flowers.

They will bring freshness to your kitchen. Choose the ones that do not need much care.

Hidden table.

It is very comfortable to have a small hidden table in your kitchen, which will serve as a workplace either.

Furniture with glass doors.

They are comfortable both vizually nad functionally. It will not accumulate dust and will help you to find items in the shelves easily.

Kitchen island.

It is suitable for those who walk a lot in the kitchen. You can place your electric stove or the sink there.

Decorate the walls.

You can make wonderfull collages with old and shiny trays, which will beautify your kitchen.